Willowgate is on the Eastern side of Perth. You'd probably not even realise it's there as it's largely underneath the Friarton Bridge carrying the M90 and hidden from the other roads around it. I really just found it by accident. Turns out that there's an activity centre there (paddle boarding, cycle hire, archery) trout fishery, café and the Perth Sailing Club.

As it happened, the café hadn't yet opened for 2019 (opens on Wednesday 9th), but we had our usual flask and cake with us anyway, which was just as well as it was a good bit chillier there than at home. In fact there was ice in some of the small pools near the fishery.

The main car park, unless you're going to the activity centre itself, is to the right, underneath the Friarton Bridge, but when you come over the narrow bridge across the railway you need to turn left, go down to a turning circle outside the sailing club and loop round and go back again, and do the reverse on exiting - this looks to be because the corner is quite tight and the road very narrow so this helps avoid cars meeting head on in the narrow bits of single-lane road.

The light wasn't great for photography today, but there was a few things to see - Goosanders, Mallards and Goldeneye on the Tay, a couple of Grey Herons and a Cormorant on the bank, several Mute Swans around the boarding pools and fishery.  The ruined building near the sailing club seems to be "Ships Lodge", one of many salmon fishing lodges that used to be along the edges of the Tay.  The most unexpected sight was a seal (or "river monster" as my wife kept calling it) that popped up a few times while we were there. Seemed quite relaxed and looked to be doing a backstroke when I grabbed a photo of it.

Then popped in to Perth to pick up a few bits and pieces at the shops before heading home.

At this time of year I hate the bit of road where the A85 from Perth links up to the M90: At the point where the left and right lanes of the A85 split up you're kind of plunged into blackness and it's difficult to tell where you are. You know there's a "Give Way" somewhere up ahead but you're not quite sure where, so don't really want to drive too fast, and at the same time don't want to be holding up people behind you.  Really needs some lights on that bit of road.

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