This is a bit of a personal grumble and maybe says a lot about me and my attitude to some of current trends in "tech".

In January this year, my old Palm m130 PDA decided to give up the ghost, not completely but enough to make it unusable for me.  I've had it about 10 or 11 years and latterly the battery wasn't holding charge for much longer than a day or two (compared to the 8 or 9 days I could get out of it when it was new) and I was considering buying a new battery for it when it suddenly decide that it wasn't going to sync some items.   Oddly, "some" is the operative word and it also seems to be highly selective: Most items will sync from the PC to the Palm OK but Documents To Go, which I use to move Word and Excel documents to or from the Palm format just wasn't going to work, and no amount of re-uploading the application, erasing it, soft reset or hard reset of the handheld was having any effect.  Weird. But I digress - the point is it's proving rather difficult to replace the old Palm.