I've been a Facebook user since 2008, and am now starting 2019 having submitted  a deletion request on my account.
I wasn't sure that I really trusted Facebook to actually delete all my postings and everything they held about me; after all they don't have a good track-record of living up to promises, so I initially set about deleting photos and postsmanually. Most personal information entries I could get rid of fairly easily, but some couldn't be deleted: You can change your birth date or hide it but you can't completely remove it.
Photo albums are relatively easy to remove but you can't remove the "built-in" ones for profile pics etc., or any images that are actively used for your profile or page header. Deleting Timeline photos seems to get slower the further back in time they were posted and I couldn't find any obvious way to select batches of photos to delete and using the menu oneach individual photo to select deletion and then click on the confirm dialog got old very quickly (and I had something close to 1500 photos posted!).
Deleting posts is a little easier, but has a gotcha hidden in there. From the "Manage Posts" link you can select which year you're interested in, and can then select up to 50 posts or an entire month of posts to hide or delete. However, when selecting a month, the 50 limit still applies and you won't be allowed to continue if there are more than 50 posts inthat month. The gotcha is that as you go through selecting posts at some point you may find that the message at the bottom of the screen has changed from "You can hide or delete these posts" to simply "You can hide these posts". I took me a little time to realise that any post to your timeline from other people can't be deleted (e.g. birthday messages). Aside from that, the 50 post limit is a bit questionable - what I found was that if you select any more than maybe 12-14 then once you confirm deletion the web page never gets past the"whirling circle" to allow you to continue. I had to close the page and re-load Facebook to do more, although the previously selected posts did look to have been removed.
So, in the end I'm forced to rely on Facebook to delete everything, as it was just too slow to do it myself. Looking through my posting history as part of this, it seems like 2014was when I started using Facebook "regularly". Before then I would maybe only post a handful of times in the course of a year. Maybe it that aligned with other things, such as maybe Friends Reunited losing popularity? Who knows?
Anyway, Happy New Year to you all!