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The website of Ian McIntosh...

This is a "hobby site" - you can expect to find things here just because it takes my fancy to post those things here. There's only a loose kind of organisation to the site: Posts are broadly grouped like this:

  • Short posts - quick notes, thoughts, opinions or comments. A short paragraph that may include a picture or a link to an article elsewhere.
  • Gallery posts - contain a group of photos on a particular theme or (more likely) from a recent trip.
  • Longer articles - when I've got something substantial I want to talk about - which isn't all that often, but when I get started it's sometimes difficult to stop!

A lot of the posts here will probably end up as "gallery posts", as I've had a keen interest in photography since the 1970s and I like to share my photos.  However these are my photographs and while everyone is free to look at them as they wish on this site they are not for re-use.  Contact me if you really want to use any of my photos elsewhere - I'm generally not averse to it so long as I know how and where they are to be used and I get properly credited. 

Forth Bridge

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