I should really have posted this blog some time ago, but you know how it is...  The time just never seems to be there.

Anyway, Cyan launched a Kickstarter campaign in mid-October to raise funds to produce a new game and now, with few days to go before the campaign ends they've met the base funding goal so the game will happen.  That makes a lot of the fans of Cyan's particular variety of adventure game very happy. It perhaps seemed like an ambitious project, seeking to raise $1.1M dollars in just 30 days using the crowdfunding method, and it's worth noting here that of all the Kickstarter projects, only 0.1% of projects successfully raised sums over $1M.

If you check out the Kickstarter project or Obduction website, you'll find some hilarious moments from Rand in the videos - they're worth watching for that alone!

Now we're well on the way to the first stretch goal at $1.3M, which will add localization and Oculus Rift support, but the second stretch goal, adding another world to explore plus an intriguing "Roadtrip Mode" has really ratcheted up interest.  However it may be that the existing support is already "tapped out" getting this campaign over the finishing line and maybe the target of $1.7M is just a bit too far to reach.  A pity, because I really want that extra content!

The hint for the third goal seems to suggest that a further world could be added, but best guess might suggest that'll require $2M making it maybe too far over the horizon to even consider.

Over the last few days of the campaign I tried to estimate how it would go by using a least squares fit to the known data used by a couple of popular Kickstarter tracking sites.  I didn't really trust their prediction methods, which is why I "brewed my own". You can see the results in the images below.

Oculus Rift

What is Oculus Rift?  Basically it's a Virtual Reality (VR) headset - you'll often see it referred to as simply "Rift" or just "OR".  Fundamentally, it's two small HD monitors that give you a stereoscopic view of the game, i.e. 3D.  There's some debate about whether it should really have been in the first stretch goal since it might only benefit a small number of users.  Personally, I think it's too expensive for what it is and feel that CastAR is a better bet - smaller, lighter, cheaper and is both AR (Augmented Reality) as well as VR.  Cyan have hinted that Obduction might support platforms other than Oculus rift under the stretch goal, so we'll see.  However, the main point probably ought to be that including VR support probably isn't the big cost element in that first stretch goal - that's likely to be the localization support which is probably far more important.


Localization will bring in the "FIGS" part of "EFIGS" (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish), along with the ability to drop in custom language files, allowing fans to develop their own localization for areas not covered by EFIGS.  The additional languages are key to extending the potential user base and therefore attracting additional backers, so it makes sense that this was in the first stretch goal.

So now we wait for the last couple of days to pass to see what the final tally is - Pledges via PayPal have still to be added in, but I suspect the contribution there won't be huge as I expect most people would find pledging directly through Kickstarter with Amazon's pay portal to be more convenient.  Things are slowing down today, so if you haven't already pledged, please do so now...  And get your friends on board too.