I'll be using this section of the website for articles related to the Myst family of computer games, with the empahasis on Myst Online Uru Live, i.e. MOULagain and its Open Source derivatives, but you can expect to see anything that is vaguely connected with Cyan Worlds crop up here.

I have a collection of unorganised files, articles and bits of niff-naff and trivia related to MOUL/MOULa from previous incarnations of my websites on my Uru subdomain.  I'll be keeping that going, at least for the foreseeable future since there are lots of little images and things in there that I have used for forum posts, etc., but I intend to put all my "bigger", more substantial, articles here. 

Some of you may know that I occasionally blog at - I'll still be doing that, but you can expect that posts on this site to be a little bit more personal, even though my OU blog posts are also "my view" and aren't intended to represent an "official" OU comment.