All this New Year stuff is proving to be too much for someone:


Haynes (of car maintenance manual fame) do a build-it-yourself Pong game. And yes, you need to put 10p in the slot to make it work!


Remember when Terry's Chocolate Orange segments were solid wedges of chocolate? Now they've got imprints that look more like the insides of a real orange but are just an excuse to make a big dimple that reduces the amount of chocolate you get!


This post is really just an experiment to see how easy it is to post to this website from a mobile device, now that I'm dropping Facebook.


I have a feeling that The Interview will probably turn out to be a rather mediocre film.  That may be doing it a disservice but at the very least the subject matter isn't one that'd appeal to me, even though I do enjoy a comedy.  In fact, even though there is a Hollywood history of ridiculing disliked regimes (Chaplin's parody of Hitler in The Great Dictator, or the portrayal of Saddam Hussein in Hot Shots! Part Deux), I'm slightly uncomfortable about a movie that proposes the assassination of a current head of state, whatever state that may be.