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The website of Ian McIntosh...

This is a "hobby site" - you can expect to find things here just because it takes my fancy to post those things here. There's only a loose kind of organisation to the site: Basically all those things that are related to my real world thoughts and experiences are under the heading "Family" - that's maybe not the most accurate term to use, but it was the heading I used on an earlier form of this site, and I've just stuck with it for now.  It may change in future.  The other main section here is "Uru": Again, it's a loosely used term and it's really meant to encompass all the things associated with the Myst series of computer games and other things associated with the products or activities of its creators, Cyan Worlds Inc.  Since my major interest in that domain in recent years has been Uru and specifically Myst Online: Uru Live, "Uru" seemed the most appropriate label to adopt.  And it's hard to mis-spell.

A lot of the posts here will probably end up featuring picture galleries, as I've had a keen interest in photography since the 1970s and I like to share my photos.  However these are my photographs and while everyone is free to look at them as they wish on this site they are not for re-use.  Contact me if you really want to use any of my photos elsewhere - I'm not averse to it so long as I know how and where they are to be used and I get properly credited. 

Forth Bridge